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We are inspired by the will to win, strength, dynamics and aesthetics of hockey. Hockey equipment seems to be just as powerful, just as medieval armor, helmets, and armor of brave knights and heroes. And the team logo on the chest of the player, like a warrior's shield, defending their country.


The collection was created for professional players and just fans of hockey.
We love this game same as You. And our products we create, so that You can bring your personality by ordering a product with your team number or logo, and can even be a slogan! The inscription will be done hand-engraving.


We carefullytreat the creation of modelsatevery stage, from conceptand designto realizationin the material.

Every product isspecial control andrevision: fromthe beginninguntilthe finishof the stage.



We admire the practicality and ergonomic design of hockey equipment., Some of the products we create with the copy number of incredible precision, while others perceived us in search of an artistic image.


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